Network technology refers to data systems to manage and provide digital resources via a computer network. The internet drives our world today. It influences every aspect of our lives.

We can no longer imagine our lives further without using the internet, whether we live in our homes or work in our offices. But it is good to know that the internet is not the only factor affecting our lives. In addition to having internet. In addition to having internet, we also want the connections to be seamless and fast.

Since the first network connection in which a modem could transmit binary data, the ARPANET, to the concept of Internet of Things, may seem like a lot for the people. Nevertheless, today’s network and the internet have undergone such massive changes and have evolved so much that the world of computing and communication has shifted.

At DPC network Services, we provide all the internet-related facilities under one roof. Our team of professional and enthusiastic

IT developers provides our customers with an internet connection of their own choice. Moreover, our services are well-comprehended with international regulations and standards. The reason why we ensure this is because we always prioritize the satisfaction of our clients.

This is what we do, we are providing the following network services:

  1. Local Area Networking (LAN)
  2. Campus Area Networking (CAN)
  3. Metropolitan Area Networking (MAN)
  4. Wide Area Networking (WAN)
  5. Wi-Fi System And Hotspot
  6. V-Sat Installation

And we will go further to explain step by step details of our services in respect to networking as rightly mentioned above.

Local Area Networking (LAN):

LAN is a privately owned network consisting of a small number of interconnected devices. These devices can share files, apps, and programs without being connected to a more extensive network.

Where is LAN Used?

LAN is commonly used in homes, schools, and office buildings using a “share drive.” A shared drive is available only to those who have been authorized to use the LAN.

Characteristics of a LAN Connection:

Since the coverage area of a LAN connection is very narrow, it can deliver information at breakneck speeds. The connections among the devices of a LAN network are made through Ethernet cords.

Some LAN connections also use a MAN or a WAN to establish connectivity.

LAN Services by DPC Network Service:

Finding a company that can provide legitimate LAN service is challenging. But DPC Network Service is providing state-of-the-art LAN services. We have vast technical knowledge in this area. Therefore, we can ensure the correct installation and troubleshooting problems of your LAN connection.

Campus Area Networking (CAN):

As the name indicates, CAN is usually incorporated into colleges and universities for educational purposes. It is not among the networks with extensive coverage. It is used to connect multiple LANs into a university or a college campus. Although they are much larger than LANs, CANs are smaller than MANs and WANs regarding coverage, equipment, and infrastructure.

Where is CAN Used?

CAN is widely used by the faculties and students of higher educational institutions.

Characteristics of a CAN Connection:

Just like LAN, the information shared over CAN also has to cover small distances. Therefore, it is shared very quickly. Therefore, students, teachers, and departments of the educational institution can soon share the educational material.

CAN Services of DPC Network Services:

The role of the internet in education is pronounced. It helps students in their research, and they can also ask their queries with their teachers much quicker.  Therefore, DPC Network Services installs fully optimized CANs on the campuses. We design our CANs so that they fulfill every educational requirement of an educational institution.

Metropolitan Area Networking (MAN):

MAN connects different computers, resources, and users in a comparatively larger geographical area than LAN. However, its area of influence is narrower than WAN. The area covered by MAN usually has a diameter of five to fifty kilometers in diameter. The span of MAN coverage can vary, depending upon the need.

Where is MAN Used?

The use of MAN can be both as a public or a private network. An example of public MAN can be taken as an infrastructure that serves to provide internet to a particular part of the city. While an example of a private MAN can be taken as a MAN installed in a large department consisting of several buildings.

Characteristics of a MAN Connection:

A MAN connection provides centralized data management. They use optical fibers, which have enabled them to transfer data very quickly.

MAN Services Offered by DPC Network Services:

We at DPC Network Services understand your need to have an internet connection that offers more comprehensive coverage. Therefore, we ensure that our installed MAN infrastructure is free of any bugs. Ultimately, this allows a large population to reap the benefits of the internet.

Wide Area Net Networking (WAN):

A WAN connection is the most significant type of internet network. The internet used by all of us is an example of a WAN that connects all the LANs. We can do all the major tasks on the internet through this WAN, such as downloading videos and connecting with friends.

Where is WAN Used?

The use of WANs is often seen in more giant corporations and companies. The service of WAN in these organizations allows them to exchange data easily. In the broader sense, WANs can connect cities and even countries.

Characteristics of a WAN Connection:

WANs have a greater capacity that allows them to connect a large number of computers. Thus, they are essential in providing broad-range and cross-regional internet access to the world.

WAN Services from DPC Network Services: 

DPC network Services provides a complete range of WAN services. Our services include installation, support, monitoring, and hosting. We are entirely aware of the technology used in establishing a proper WAN network, and therefore, we ultimately incorporate that technology into our WAN network.

Wi-Fi System and Hotspot:

Most home networks use an access router that includes both wired and wireless interconnect capabilities. In other words, a residential router is a 3-in-1 device. It consists of an access router (ADSL or cable), a switch (usually with four ports), and a wireless access point.

Wi-Fi hotspots are of many types. However, there are three main types of Wi-Fi hotspots known:

  • Public Wi-Fi Hotspots.
  • Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots, and
  • Pre-paid Hotspots.

Public Wi-Fi Hotspots:

These Wi-Fi hotspots are almost always free to use. You can find them in coffee places, libraries, restaurants, and supermarkets, etc. Although free to use, people may be required to pay money to access the Wi-Fi hotspots in airports and hotels.

Mobile Wi-Fi Hotspots:

Mobile Wi-Fi hotspots allow people to turn their mobile phones into portable Wi-Fi routers. But to function efficiently, these phones must use their cellular data. For example, these Wi-Fi hotspots are used by people who are frequent travelers. When Wi-Fi is not available, these travelers convert their phones into Wi-Fi routers by sharing their cellular data.

Pre-Paid Hotspots:

Pre-paid hotspots work the same as mobile hotspots. However, they allow the users to use only a limited amount of data. Therefore, a user who wants to use this hotspot should pay a certain amount of money, enabling him to use a certain amount of data.

DPC Network, Wi-Fi Systems, and Hotspot Services:

Wi-Fi systems, especially those present in public settings, are known to be vulnerable to hacking. Because of these, many people have lost their precious data while using these public hotspots. We at DPC Network Services make sure that our installed public hotspots are entirely secure to use. Another big issue for these public hotspots is that they are very slow, but you don’t have to worry about speed anymore. with our installed hotspot systems.

V-Sat Installation:

Indeed, satellites have made communication rapid and more effortless. But the challenge of providing prompt communication is still present for the companies and organizations situated in remote and far-reach areas. Therefore, to ensure an effortless communication system, these companies implement a satellite system in their communication process. This system ultimately allows them to have an independent and hassle-free communications system.

Fortunately, V-Sat technology offers what these companies want. The acronym V-Sat means Very Small Aperture Terminal. An antenna and a dish are part of this technology. The antenna is connected to the plate and receives and transmits the information. It comprises small terminals which can be placed in distributed sites. With the help of a satellite, these antennas can be connected to a central hub. The incredible thing about this technology is that it works efficiently in any geographical location of the world.

Uses of V-Sat Technology:

V-Sat technology is used to transmit information rapidly from one place to another. Therefore, its use is seen in the areas where urgent exchange of information is required. Examples of such information transfers include ATM transfers, electronic bank transfers, businesses operating remotely, exchanging vital medical information (or patients’ data), etc. V-Sat technology is also used for communication among the miners, who work deep underground.

Qualities of V-Sat Technology:

  • The V-Sat satellite technology is low-cost compared to other satellite technologies.
  • It is proven that V-Sat technology provides an excellent bandwidth, and
  • It gives extensive global coverage.

V-Sat Services by DPC Network Services:

The engineers at DPC Network Services are fully aware of the dynamics of the V-Sat Satellite technology. We know that launching a satellite also requires ample knowledge of aerodynamics, and our professionals are also equipped with that. We have much experience in this area of satellite building and launching. Our V-Sat solutions are designed to customize them according to our customer’s business and commercial needs.


Nowadays, a computer network is a digital telecommunications network that allows nodes to share information. In computer networks, devices exchange data with each other through connections (data links) through nodes. These data links are established through media such as routers, switches, cables, optical cables, or wireless media such as Wi-Fi.

Feel free to ask anything about DPCNETWORK services! We also await your recommendations.

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